Some Reasons You Should Read My Blog.


Hi, there.

Given that I have a lot of time and very few things to do (which is the exact opposite while I’m preparing for my exams), I decided to start blogging. And, also given that I am completely disorganized, carefree and a renowned procrastinator, I considered writing about generalized things. Now don’t be surprised if you read a guide to the perfect vacation to Mars over here, someday. I warned you.

No cliche topics, I’ll just  be writing about probably incidents, short stories, or just random thoughts. Some articles might make you relate, while some might just simply keep you engrossed. Well, I’m no Dan Brown or Rick Riordan, but I can try my best to not bore you.

Well, also, the reason YOU are reading this is because you are equally as jobless and bored as I am, so what say? Let’s give each other some company for a while?



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